Lifestyle Guide

Gulistan's Lifestyle Guide

Click below to read our top tips and tricks for property management, home decoration and more. Discover the stories behind the communities you live in and the inspirations behind our upcoming projects.

Buy Property in Gwader

Set among the most desirable places to live world over, the booming property market makes now the best time to invest in property in Gwader. Learn how you can, here.

Buying Villas in China Town

Villas in China Town are perfect for those who face the bustle of the city and enjoy coming home to a relaxed setting. Learn more about the ideal choice for every growing family.

Gulistan Homes

It’s already a glittering, mesmerising sight, and Multan’s skyline is constantly evolving and developing, becoming as iconic as New York, Hong Kong or Los Angeles.

Sohni Dharti

Last year had lots to offer when it comes to interior design trends that can make your house look more unique and glamourous

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